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Fair Lady Programs & Brands

Every Child Center Stage

Chicagoland’s Premier Non-Audition Children’s Theater Company

#Solidarity #Community #Together

May 31st - May 31st

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High School Musical 2 Jr.

Apr 5th - Jun 28th

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Summer Camp - Full Day (9a-2p)

4 - 8
Jun 7th - Aug 13th

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Summer Camp - Half Day (9-11:30a)

K - 3
Jun 7th - Aug 13th

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Advanced Theater Bootcamp

Aug 9th - Aug 13th

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Theater Bootcamp

3 - 8
Jun 7th - Aug 20th

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Into the Woods Jr.

Jul 6th - Sep 16th

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Kidz Kabaret makes theater available to all youths with a passion for the stage. We are children’s theater by kids, for kids — offering unparalleled performance opportunities for kids of all ages and abilities. Through our loving, nurturing environment, our students learn and grow as they develop the self-confidence that will help them thrive on stage, in school and throughout their lives.

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What is Non-Audition Children’s Theater?

Kidz Kabaret was designed as an alternative to traditional audition-based children’s theater programs. We believe that every child deserves their moment in the spotlight, and so we never require auditions to join a Kidz Kabaret performance. In fact, Kidz Kabaret works quite a bit differently from other theater organizations.
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Additional Children’s Theater Opportunities

In addition to acting in a Kidz Kabaret production, we offer youths many opportunities to explore the world of theater.
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And so much more!

How to Get Started


First of all, welcome aboard — we’re glad to have you! Browse through the pages in the ACT section of our website.


Once you have a performance or program in mind, visit our forms page. There you’ll find the application forms you need to register your child.


Forms can also be submitted online; just follow the instructions on the page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


#Solidarity #Community #Together ...

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High School Musical 2 Jr. ...

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Summer Camp - Full Day (9a-2p) ...

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Summer Camp - Half Day (9-11:30a) ...

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Advanced Theater Bootcamp ...

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Theater Bootcamp ...

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Into the Woods Jr. ...

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