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Every Child Center Stage

Grade Level: 3-5 & 6-8 Rehearsal dates: Sep 18 - Nov 1, 2018 Show dates: Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2018
Students will learn the fundamental elements of improv and explore their creativity through short-form games, character work, and two person scenes.  This class is designed to teach students how to work as a team through group mind exercises and developing an understanding of what the “yes, and…” mentality truly means.  Children who have no theater experience will find this class to be a great introduction to acting, while more experienced youth can use this course to enhance and develop their skills.
REGISTER NOW: Improv 101 Grades 3-5
REGISTER NOW: Improv 101 Grades 6-8
 “Colleen Davidson studied Theater and Creative Writing at Harper College and continued her education at the iO Training Center.  She has performed with various improv groups at the iO Theater in Chicago, UCB East Village, and The Crowd Theater.  In addition to improv and sketch comedy performances, Colleen keeps herself busy as one of the co-founders of Neologian Literature and Art Magazine and by writing and performing her original music.  She currently resides in Chicago, IL where she raises her daughter, who inspires her and keeps her improvising daily though imaginative play.”

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