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Fair Lady Productions, Inc. is a parent company of three vibrant not-for-profit programs »

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Fair Lady Programs & Brands

Every Child Center Stage

Show dates: Jun 1 - Nov 1, 2020

Thank you for your generous gift to Fair Lady Productions, Inc.  We are thrilled to have your support.  Through your donation we will continue to provide the best opportunities for children for years to come.  You truly make the difference for us and we are extremely grateful!



Marcella Dillon
Lori Halldow
Savanna Hoffman
Thomas Clewett
Karen Brothers
Gretta Stables
Peggy Nolan
Cortney Howard
Joseph Kirchgessner
Paul Feith
Stephanie Smith
Rupert Santos
Lisa Littel
Susan Howell
Laura Connors
Faith Slowinski
Chelsea Kalnenas
Laura Thomas
Lynn Hodak
Catherine Broad
Kyle Olifirowicz
Linda Ahr
Rebecca Boger
Caryn Perucca
Jill Zelizer
Bridget Deely
Christopher Siemann
Sue Streul
Nicole Gifford Baugh
Dan & Jean Dooley
Laura Norkett
Olivia Palak
Michael & Mary Hutchinson
Brittany Lane
Sarah Broad
Eileen Franz
Ana Colakovic
Andrea Seddon
Gabi Knoepfle
Mary Corbett
Stefanie Manfredo
Barbara Hopkins
Ann Cotner


Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Grants Provided by:

Illinois Arts Grant
Dupage grant